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Leg And Hip Injuries

Leg and hip injuries are devastating because they are painful and cause a great deal of suffering. Unfortunately, many of the individuals who experience these injuries have experienced them in incidents that were not their fault. In other words, they were accidents caused by the negligence of someone else. Leg and hip injuries are also common work injuries.

When dealing with such injuries, you are going to have medical expenses. You may not be able to work, take care of your children, or engage in the activities you are used to engaging in. This becomes very expensive and is something you should not have to pay for when the injuries are not your fault. The party who is responsible (or typically there insurance company) should have to pay for the injuries, which is what your leg and hip injury lawyer can help you with.

Types Of Leg And Hip Injuries

Below are common leg and hip injuries that can be sustained in accidents:

  • Tibia Fibula Fracture – Many complications can arise from this type of injury. Great pain is involved, as well as disability.
  • Tibial Plateau Fracture – The tibia plateau is a very important part of the leg because of the way it bears weight. Different types of fractures can occur to this bone, resulting in different classifications.
  • Femur Fracture – Femur fractures require surgery that involves the implantation of a metal rod.
  • Broken Leg – There are different broken leg types and the type determines what kind of surgery is done and how long the injuries will last. There are some broken leg injuries that cause problems throughout the remainder of a person’s life.
  • Leg amputation – If an injury is too severe to salvage the leg, it may need to be amputated. Sometimes accidents can cause the leg to be severely cut, infection to set in, or the damage is too much to repair.
  • Hip Fracture – Slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and any blunt force to the hip can cause the bone to fracture, which requires surgery involving the implantation of plates and screws.
  • Broken Hip – A broken hip is devastating and can require hip replacement. A broken hip can be life-threatening due to the complications that can arise.
  • Pelvic Fracture – A pelvic fracture can cause issues with urinating, abdominal pain, numbness in the legs and groin, and requires immediate medical attention due to the risk of shock.

Causes Of Leg & Hip Injuries

The causes of leg and hip injuries include car accidents, slip and falls, boat and ATV accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, on-the-job accidents and much more. No matter how you receive these devastating injuries, you need a leg and hip injury lawyer to help you deal with the financial damages by seeking out compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other monetary damages that you have sustained.

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