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Garbage Truck Accidents

Collisions with garbage trucks are more common than many people think. Garbage trucks are encountered frequently by drivers because they are a necessary part of how cities operate. Something has to be done about the trash to keep the environment clean and beautiful. However, garbage trucks are large and awkward. A truck may pull out in front of a car or make a turn that is too wide. There are many ways an accident can happen with a garbage truck.

If you have been injured in a garbage truck accident, your injuries are likely devastating and painful. Not only is there the physical aspect, but there are emotional injuries as well. Seeing a garbage truck accident lawyer can provide you with the emotional support and legal options you need to move on with your life.

Why Garbage Truck Accidents Occur

There are a number of factors that come into play that cause garbage truck accidents. They include:

  • Erratic driving due to unexpected and frequent stops. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists may be in danger if these stops are made too quickly or not quickly enough.
  • Narrow alleys and roadways are also culprits. The drivers of these large trucks must navigate them through streets, alleys, backstreets, and other narrow roadways to do their trash pickups.
  • Falling waste and objects can create hazards. The trucks are designed to keep trash inside of them, but objects can fly out and fall out. These objects can hit people and they can land in the road or hit cars, causing auto accidents.
  • Mechanical failure can cause injury to the garbage workers or individuals outside of the vehicle as the result of brake failure or the malfunction of moving parts.

Compensation For Garbage Truck Accidents

Your garbage truck accident lawyer will help you evaluate the details of the accident to determine who is at fault so that the negligent parties can be held responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses resulting from the injuries.

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