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3 tips for a safer workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Are you worried about safety in the workplace? There might be more you can do than just taking normal safety precautions.

Also, please remember that you might not have to do this alone. Coworkers, regulators and potentially even your employer could serve as allies.

1. Ask employers to fund safety training

Some employers have special funds set aside to boost workplace safety or contribute to worker development. If you ask your manager or human resources contact if they have a program like this, you might get a pleasant surprise.

There are plenty of potential courses you might take. CPR or first aid would generally be good, cross-industry options — some courses even have optional OSHA certification.

This is about more than your personal development. After all, these programs generally reduce the risk of injury, reduce the severity of workplace injuries and even sometimes help control workers’ comp insurance premiums.

2. Keep an eye on new legislation

Laws change all the time, and labor laws are no exception. New legislation could drastically change workplace safety requirements, as well as potentially give you rights you did not have before.

3. Follow reporting procedures

Good communication tends to reduce injuries. If you are thinking of campaigning for a safer workplace, one of the simplest, most effective changes would usually be building or improving your system for reporting injuries, near-misses and safety risks. At the end of the day, though, establishing those protocols is probably your employer’s choice.

Quick, appropriate communication could also benefit you directly if you happen to suffer an injury on the job. There are various legal rules about promptly reporting workplace injuries. Late or inaccurate reports could threaten your eligibility for worker’s compensation — or complicate your claim, at least.