Social Security Story on 60 Minutes

Several weeks ago the CBS Television Show 60 Minutes ran a story regarding Social Security Disability benefits. It was a shockingly one-sided piece that largely focused on an interview with conservative Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. The story was remarkably one-sided. It offered a lot of misleading and inaccurate information which painted a very harmful picture of disabled individuals applying for disability benefits. 60 Minutes did nothing to counterbalance the views of the far-right Senator Coburn. Attached is a link to an article written by the National Organization or Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (“NOSSCR”) which discusses the 60 Minute’s story.  Also attached is a link to a story that ran in the Los Angeles Times by Michael Hiltzik entitled “’60 Minutes’ Shameful Attack on the Disabled”.,0,7195237.story#axzz2lJa89bmG